Fort Stevens, Hammond, OR

by Robert
(Warrenton,OR USA)

The Guard house has many orbs caught on camera as well as a figure of a man walking from one room to the next and loud crashing sounds from time to time.

Battery Pratt also has been the sighting of a ORB in the rooms below gun emplacement #2.

The Hospital area on the small hill (location of where the hospital was) one can sense all sorts of emotions some are good and others seem evil. Could be from the WWI era when a lot of soldiers died from the flu there?

In one old tower off behind Tyee St. A erie sense is felt, a story of a man commiting suicide in the tower with his knife.

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Jul 28, 2017
An Erie odd experience NEW
by: Brittney

I went to fort Stevens with my family and I have a very strong connection to spirits and I always have. we got to the fort it's beautiful there but you get a wierd vibe too. As soon as I got out of the car I know the feeling was off... I kept walking towards the first building and the feeling was getting stronger and stronger I could feel the many lives taken there and it was wearing me out I was out of breath fast it was warm out but the energy around me felt cold I kept going we walked through my family went up the stairs and I was the last one to go up behind them I felt like there was something walking up behind me so I looked and no one was there. Another thing was we were walking along the top of the building and I heard footsteps in one of the tunnels underneath nothing really happened after that we were just walking around and we got to that car in front of the museum and I walked over to the bench and my family went into the gift shop and I stayed outside there was a little girl in the the metal army car behind me and her mom was also sitting nearby I knew there was a haunting here so I was looking it up on my phone and I heard the little girl say "there was a guy who lived here a long long time ago and he died now he just walks around" which was exactly what I was reading so I was a little confused and shocked so after my family came outside we walked to the car I looked over at the old buildings and on top of the building (the one that is off limits to the public now) there was a guy walking and I couldn't see it very well but it looked like a guy in military attire I was shocked and quickly got in the car we left and I would love to go back another time just to investigate paranormal activity there. Has anyone else had these experiences?

Mar 30, 2014
Grew up there NEW
by: Anonymous

My dad is a fisherman and needless to say if we couldn't afford KOA we would stay at the fort. Before it was scary to let your children out of your sight, my parents would let me roam that whole park by myself at the age of 8. From the age of 8 I used to ride my bike down to the fort and to battery russel (my dads name is russel so I felt strangely attracted to it). From the first moment stepping forward into that place I have been chased by an entity. At one point it followed me through the forest almost to my campsite. It was a male presence that would literally appear in front of me and chase me at a walking speed away. I never felt comfortable there and would rarely go there when it was dark or dusk. I have never caught anything and my parents think I am a psycho but I have a special ability to see and communicate with these spirits. I haven't been there since they changed the campground to a yuppy establishment but I remember these encounters. I don't think anything negative happened that was reported but no one will ever know. Has anyone else had these experiences? A male spirit about the age of 25 or 30 tall, tan uniform, short billed hat and knee high boots. No facial hair. Blue eyes.

Jan 14, 2012
Orbs in Battery Clark NEW
by: Barbara Cook

I was at Battery Clark on 1/12/12 and to find my way in the black passages I used my camera for light - that evening I discovered a bright Orb - the next day, with flashlights and well charged camera I again explored the passages - in particuar the one I saw the Orb - I began talking to whoever occupied that area and started taking photos - by the time I got to the end of the passage to the huge Cross painted on the wall at the end, I was capturing many bright colored Orbs, including white, orange, red and green. My friend, dog and myself took near 100 photos there and into the ajoining passage on out - I caught Orbs around my pooch, my friend - some as bright as lightbulbs - the first day I was there I heard of sound of clanking on metal - But the next day we heard 3 loud sharp cracking sounds right near us - like someone firing a rifle, a firecracker, or the sharp crack of a whip. I now have a small tape recorder and will go back soon and try to get the sounds and/or voices on tape. Thanks for allowing me to tell my story.

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