fort christiana in lawernceville va near lake gastin area

by richard barrera
(norfolk va)

first me and my wife went to the old location for fort christiana and the car winshield got foged up and i could't get it to clear next we herd a water fall but there is no waterfall there next we seen a man walking a dog then he just disapeared we also herd kids playing last when i returned home there was a line of dirt on my car and the car was covered with dust i washed it 4 times and the dust just returened i also had dust in my trunk that couldn't get rid of. i took my friends there we went further in the property and the road started to become water filled so i decied to turn around as i backed up, i and my friends herd a load bang there was nothing behind me but something hit my back door. when i got out of there i inspected the back door there was a marked on my door. it apeard to heve been hit with a hatchet or tomahawk i got a hatchet to see if it would macth the damage and the mark matched the tomahawk edge. also we noticed when we were in there there was a electric fence around an area it was the moast creapest and cold feeling i ever got in some of the weirdest places ive been also the dust was on my car again and couldn't wash it off.

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