Forbing Railroad Tracks, Forbing, Louisiana

by Jodie Sava
(Port Charlotte, FL)

In 2005, I was part of the Dixie Death Dogs ghost hunting crew, based out of Shreveport, Louisiana. The team consisted of my brother, sister, and a few friends of ours. I was 15 at the time, and had already encountered many paranormal things.

The Forbing railroad tracks in Forbing Louisiana is said to have two hauntings. The first is of a man who worked for the railroad, we're not sure of any specific time frame, what his name is. It is said that he was walking this tracks one night, looking for debris and checking for any damage to the tracks when he was ran over by a train. At night time he can be seen walking up and down the track, carrying an old lantern, the kind that used oil. The second haunting is of a group of children, said to have died when their school bus got stuck on the tracks and ran over by a train. The story here is that if you put your car on the tracks, kill the engine and sprinkle your trunk with flower and wait, your car will mysteriously move across the track and you can see small hand prints in the flower.
Our crew decided to check this out for ourselves, so we headed to the tracks. My sister and her friend needed to use the restroom when we got there, so the two of them left in their car to find a bathroom. All was quiet, and I was standing on the railroad tracks in the middle of the road. My brother and friends were standing around their cars in the near by deserted lot we parked in (maybe 200 feet away). Down one side of the railroad tracks was a clearing, and the other side of the tracks ran between two tree lines, and about a block down you could see another road that the tracks crossed. I was looking back and forth, down each side. I looked down the side with the tree lines and spotted a small, square shaped yellow light. This light was off to the right side of the tracks, but very close. It was swaying back and forth slightly. I called for
my brother and he and our friends ran up with the camera. They all saw the light as well, and he started filming. He told me to stay behind and wait for my sister. As they walked down the tracks, deeper into the tree line, I felt like I could not move, nor take my eyes off of this light. I don't know how long I stood there, but my brother and friends were quite a ways down the tracks. Out of nowhere, my sister grabs my shoulder and starts shouting about a train coming. We ran to catch up to my brother and our friends and started screaming at them, but had to physically pull them off the tracks. About 3 seconds go by and a train passes at full speed.

After we collected ourselves, we viewed the footage.
My brother had captured this light, swinging back and forth. It was over 4 minutes of continuous footage. There was NO audio on the footage, which was odd because it had audio when we checked it a few hours before. As they approached the light, it slightly backed up, as if it were going to run into the tree line, but stopped instead. There were no train lights, or sounds.

Most trains have three giant lights on the front of the engine, and Louisiana law states that conductors are required to blow the horn at least three times when they are at least 500 feet from a road they are about to cross.

We interviewed each of the involved parties, and all said the same thing: "I felt like I was being drawn to this light, as if something were pulling me by a rope. I wasn't thinking anything, and it was really cold." NOTE* It was mid July when this happened, and Louisiana summers are REALLY hot.

NO ONE except my sister and her friend heard and saw the train. The rest of us were blind and deaf to it. There were no horns blown, the tracks did not vibrate. Explain that!

The next week when we gathered at our meeting to review the footage once more, it was not there, like it had been erased from the tape.

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