by Tj
(Logan, Utah.)

I had always had a strange feeling about our old house. Ive heard stories from my Mom saying she has woken up to a man standing above her bed watching her (I have even heard her run out of her room screaming a few times in the middle of the night), my Grandma would tell me when she is home alone, she would hear the front door open and close, only to walk out and no one is there, and hear thuds as if someone was walking around the upstairs. I found out that the man who built our house was a hunter, and had died while living on the property. One day when I was 17 (19 now) I was home alone in the Living Room, with my dog Dominoe. I heard big thuds coming up the stairs down the hallway, getting louder with each step, which I assume was from coming farther and farther up the stairs. I literally heard it from the bottom of the stairs, down the hall, walk right by me, and then just fade away. It was so loud and I know I was not hearing things because my dogs ears went up as if it heard it as well, and just looked down the hallway. I was so afraid, I could not believe what just happened, and I convinced myself that it had to have been someone. I went and grabbed a knife and searched every room, every closet, under every bed. No one was there. I always wonder if all our stories are of the man who built that property, if the footsteps I heard were from his 'hunting' boots, and if he just feels comfortable there. He was never threatening or harmful in any way, but it always gives me the chills to think back often could he have been standing right next to me?

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Make it scary. Seriously, make me want to sleep with the light on tonight

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