Father Christmas ?

by Ryan Henry

On Christmas eve 2007 I was a 7 year old boy who had figured out that santa wasn't real. It was coming close to 12 at midnight and I started feeling some chills even though the heating was on and 2 duvets. I heard noises downstairs but I thought it was my mother wrapping presents but I remebered she had tucked me in and when I sleep I keep the door open and the door is next to the stairs. I went to get my mother in her bedroom who wasn't happy with my disturbance and we went downstairs to check what was happening. As we got to the top of the stairs we heard the kitchen door open and close and the back door open. My mother stopped with fear and my three sisters had woken up by now. We went downstairs as slowly and quietly as possible. Now our family didn't used to put presents under the tree, we used to put them on the sofa but when we got down the presents were under the tree and the cookies we left had gone (my sisters usually eat them when I'm asleep) and the backdoor was wide open. Now to this day we put presents under the tree and me and my mother are usually the first to wake up. We do not consider this a haunting but a Christmas miracle and it may seem strange but I am 13 years old, my mother is 50 and my sisters are 22 24 and 25 and we all believe in Santa.

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Jun 21, 2013
Then why did you post this NEW
by: Anonymous

You should post this stuff on the site because of the stuff happened to you may have freighten you and all but there's logical explaination for everything including ghost and supposed hauntings. I like to come on here and read some of the crap that's on here and laugh about it because there is no such thing(s) as a ghost(s)!!!
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