by Avon

When I was little I never believed in ghosts, until i turned 8. My family and I moved in a big house that belonged to a rich man,his wife, and his daughter.It was fun to play in,there was so much rooms and there were secret hiding places.In one of them i found a diary and on the cover was a name "Eve". I wanted to look inside considering it was old but unfortunately it was locked. When I gave my mom the diary, she couldn't open it. After awhile i gave up un opeing the diary so i started looking for something interesting in the attic.i found magazines, books ,newspaper , and old china sets. Dang these people these were boring.When i heard the doorbell ring I ran straight down stairs and opened the door to a girl.

I asked her for her named and she said Faraday.Then i asked her where she lived and what she wanted. All she said was "I live near by" and "All I wanted was to say hi". After that she said she has to go and i thought i made a new friend. Thats when i remember no one lives around here. I didn't think about it that much but after she visited me again she asked for the diary I said "NO!" but she barged in my house with out my permission and up to the attic she went. I had no idea how she knew where it was. As soon as she grabbed the diary I pushed her but instead of falling on the floor she fell out the window. I was to scared to look at her body. I looked any way and noticed she wasn't there but the diary was. I ran outside,picked up the diary, I took my dad's screwdriver , and unscrewed the screw that was next to the lock.
Inside was newspaper claiming a girl killed her own family. I was relieved when it wasn't Faraday so i started reading a few pages when i came to a page where there was another newspaper of another girl that killed her family. It wasn't Faraday. I was on the last page it said " I can't live like this any longer my parents are to abusive and I wonder why they blame everything on me those girls who were able to kill their parents were strong and i will be strong like them" I screamed when i saw the the back cover was a word written in blood "Faraday". I hid in my room until my mom and dad came and they did as they walked in the house they were terrified. They said they saw a girl on the road and they accidentally drove over her but when they looked for the girl, she wasn't there! They planned on moving and I was ready to go to!

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