Family restaurant in Santaquin Utah

by John smith

Santaquin • Leslie Broadhead knows the restaurant her family has operated here for 26 years is a favorite haunt.

But visitors who come for the 14-inch scones with honey butter are not the ones who make Leslie's Family Tree so popular.

Rather, it is ghosts who are said to inhabit the Main Street structure, stacking furniture, making noises or touching Broadhead, her daughters and others.

"The one I saw was about 7 to 8 years old with dark hair, and he had his hair cut in one of those old-fashioned bowl shapes, like his mom put a bowl on his head and cut," Broadhead recalled. "He had a long, skinny face. That was the thing I thought was weird. Utah people have chubby faces."

The restaurant attracts people who want a ghostly experience, as well as paranormal experts who try to find out what — or who — is causing the bumps in the night.

On Friday, the nation will get a look when the Travel Channel's "The Dead Files" features the restaurant.

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