Fairview Training Center Salem OR

by Adrieanna
(Salem Oregon)

if you look in the windows it looks like a face in the bottom left window and a lady in the window right above it

if you look in the windows it looks like a face in the bottom left window and a lady in the window right above it

My husband and I and a few of our friends went there one night the place was really spooky looking as we drove up to it we walked around the whole place and heard a lot of strange noises like a barking dog footstep behind us and the sound of chains dragging also the first building that we came upon we looked at that first and then went on by the end of us looking around we went back to the same building my friend was talking on the phone and we suddenly started hear what sound like a shh noise we heard this several times and the sound as if something was scratching at the window all the windows and doors are boarded up and no way for anyone to enter the next day as I was looking at the video that my husband recorded when we first got to Fairview we picked up a mans voice on the cell phone as it sounded very low as if it was far away anyway it was none of us there was only one male that night witch was my husband but it sound like it said there is something in there or nothing in there it was really hard to understand by the end when we went back I started to feel as if something was squeezing my ribs that next day we decided to go back in day time and I took lots of random photos but before I left I was talking to a friend and she was telling me about a lady that was a patient there and she was hearing voices and she broke one of the staff ribs and tossed another one out the window freaked me out then I told her about what I felt she said that was crazy we was walking

around and went to some apartments that housed the staff and there was a door that looked as if it could open we tried and it wouldn't open so we went on to find this blue house way on the other side of the apartments and we walked up two it and a alarm went off 5 times then we walked away and then me and another friend went back up close to it and it went off once and stopped when we walked away keep in mind the place is condemned and no sign of electric in any building so how did it go off alone we left there and decided to get some food and come that same night well we did go back and that same door that would not open was open we started to look around again but decided to leave also keep in mind that all buildings have no access to the inside at all so we had no way to go in and look around well the next night a couple of our other friends wanted to go see the place and two of the windows was busted our but not from the outside ill explain one of the glass windows was whole like someone removed it and set it aside the wall the other window was busted but all the glass was on the outside there was no glass on the inside at all crazy I know the whole time we was going up there we never seen a no trust pass sing but a guard came that night and said that we was trust passing on the property so we left and have not went back since well that's the story and weather anyone believe or not we found that it was prof positive for hunted place you be the judge

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Apr 22, 2022
Really lies... NEW
by: Anonymous

My brother has a helper and she used to work their. she says there are story's about that place that will make you crap all over the place its not lies ive also been there. it huanted and my school is also huanted by them >:(

Oct 14, 2014
Lies NEW
by: Lisa

Speak English DUMB ASS, YOUR SUCH A STORY TELLER, you never worked there so you don't know shit, the place does have it's ghost's,and it is not hunted! it maybe restless soul's not a HAUNTED place.

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