Faces found in Orbs!!

by Vickie

My daughter has been having lots of strange things happening at her home but one of the things she would show me was the so-called Orbs in the pictures she took. I took a picture of my son, wearing a suit that belonged to his father, which had died just a few days prior. When looking at the pics in my camera I noticed an orb, never thought much about it until my daughter was telling me about the faces in the orbs of the pictures she took. So I checked it out and to my amazement there it was, a full face!!!! I drove to her home and we looked at so many orbs with faces of people, different people, some ladies, children, men. One was a very pretty lady smiling with a hat on and a lady looking over her shoulder, another was a man with a heavy beard and looked like his wife laying her head on his shoulders, a child holding a doll, etc.. and some even looked demonic!!! I am a born again Christian, but this really has me wondering why, who, what are these spiritual orbs about...I have googled it but haven't found much of anything about it. Oh, the orb that was on my son's suit, well the eyes was shut, and next time I looked the eyes were open!!! I know it sounds crazy! But it's true!!!!! Any thoughts about this? I do not have any pictures to share because the faces on the computer...but if we zoom in on the camera we can see them, eyes, nose, mouth etc... I know that dust particles don't do this!!!

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Oct 24, 2017
Picture of Face in Orb NEW
by: Vickie

I don't know what happened to the picture, it was on here. It's an old post, maybe they took it off for some reason.

Jul 15, 2012
No Pic NEW
by: Anonymous

It would be alot easier to comment on IF we seen the picture.

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