evp... through my telephone recorder!

by Judy Jakes
(chapel hill n.c.)

by accident i discovered that when i push record on my cell phone, i can hear a man and sometimes a woman's voice! this is in my silent bedroom. usually at nite. these voices

call me by my name and refer to items in my room.they also comment on things i just did
(like being on the computer) or turning on my "little light". a couple times i heard two voices on the same recording...a female calls my name and then a manly voice tells
her to "shut up!" a man's voice will curse,beg, and repeatedly ask me to "get up!" also this voice has told me that my boyfriend was "coming to use the computer." i was on the computer myself collecting freebie birthday deserts and i had printed out several on the same resturant using different birthdays...(abusing the offer). the next recorded
voice said.."you did a baaaad thing....internet!" i have over 20 recordings on my cell phone...was dying to tell someone without them thinking im crazy!

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