Estes Park, CO

by Lynda
(Houston, TX)

One summer a couple of years ago, my daughter and I rented a house in Estes Park for a week. The house we rented ended up being unsuitable and we asked to be moved. The leasing company only had one house available and so we moved.

As soon as I stepped into this charming rennovated Victorian I had an unusual sensation. This house was huge with many bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs. Since it was only the two of us, after exploring the house, we decided to take the room downstairs so we didn't have to carry all our luggage up the staircase. The first night I was awakened to the sound of a door slamming upstairs. I didn't sleep the rest of the night and later on I heard footsteps on the stairs but they seemed to start halfway down the stairs and ended before the stairs did.

We had several minor things happen while we were there. The mini blind wands would sway back and forth in front of us and there was no window opened and no AC. The motion detector would flicker all night long even though we were both still in our twin beds. Another night my daughter's cell phone turned on all by itself. Another night I had turned off all the lights and the tv and went into the bathroom before bed. When I came out, everything was back on.

During our stay, I found a visitor's book with other's comments about their "happenings".
When I told the leasing agent at the end of our stay, she told me her cleaning lady would not set foot in this house by herself. She even called me back weeks later to tell me she had a very eerie feeling when she was the one who had to take the clean linens back to the house. I don't have the address but if you take the road out of Estes Park leading into the Rocky Mountain National Park, there is a dirt road on the left just as you are leaving the town. It is very steep and rough (at least it was then), then you turn into a rusted gate on the right. The beautiful gingerbread Victorian sets back off the road on about an acre of land and there are two log cabins behind the house. According to the visitor's book, they are haunted too.

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