Entry 9

by Olivia
(Manchester,Tennessee,United States)

I was three years old. My sister,Emilie, had gone up to South Carolina to deal with grief from her boyfriend,Shawn also the father of her 9 week old baby boy. She went up there to deal with grief and help prevent suicide. Shawn had died 2 days ago. They didn't know how exactly he died. He crashed into a pole and the car flipped with him in it and he landed into the lake. They aren't sure if he died in the car accident,died of hypothermia,or drowned, either way he died horribly. Well anyway, I had been seeing something roam around my bedroom. I tried asking who it was and it said Shawn. I was scared. For 1,I couldn't see him,for 2 I knew there were ghosts out there but no one told me he had died.. We went outside and sat on the swing and he explained everything. He told me that he loved Emilie and Christian,Christian's his child, he told me that I was the only 1 who could see him and to tell them that he was still there and he loved them. He told me he would be looking after us. I went back inside to my room and looked out the window and there was Shawn on the swing waving at me.my other sister,Heather, came in and asked what I was doing. I replied,"I'm waving at Shawn.'' All she saw was the swing going back and fourth. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I've also heard Heather tell me that story over and over.

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