Entertainment Cinemas Fresh pond Cambridge, MA

by Tyler McLaughlin
(Arlington, Ma, USA)

Booth; next to projectors 4, 5 and 7 when lacing a movie you get either get whistled at, meowed at, or hear footsteps coming closer to you. By projector 3, where there are ceiling tiles are missing, faces are seen out of the corner of your eye and disappear when you turn to look at them. in projector 2, there is a chair in the crawl space. at night when most of the facilty is gone (usually when just the projectionist and manager are left) you can see a figure of a man sitting in that chair.

Auditoriums; storage rooms behind theatre's 1 and 3; at night either before or after your movie you can hear knocking, walking, stomping, or scratching.
my least favorite theatre... number 8. while doing my cleaning duties, before i became projectionist mind you, you walk in alone at night, when most of the movies are out and almost all patrons have left, you instantly get a bad feeling. almost like a nauseous feeling. just about when the theatre was half way clean, i get whistled at. you can also hear noises up in the booth through the port glass. And this whole time it feels like your being watched from the corner to the left when you fist walk in the theatre. Since then i have refused to clean that theatre. I have not heard of any customer reports yet, but if you decide to check it out, ask any employee, and maybe you'll get lucky.

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