Enterprise Alabama

by ParaDaughter
(Enterprise, Alabama)

I have shared paranormal happenings which have occurred at Enterprise Alabama medical center. In this one Enterprise ALabama it explains what my son experienced. Since the particular experience my son also had other experiences – hearing a woman’s voice whisper, “he’s coming” and having doors open and close on their own.

Because of this I became extremely curious about the happenings at the hospital so I interviewed a tenured employee who still works there. This may just explain one of the reasons this hospital is so active. According to the nurse that I interviewed she has worked at the hospital since 1980. Within a few days of being there a four year girl passed away. This nurse claims to have seen the little girl multiple times roaming the hallways. Additionally the records room is extremely active. Soft conversations can be heard as well as the rustling of papers and what sounds like footsteps and furniture being moved. However the most telling encounters this nurse has experienced is seeing the form of a former nurse who worked at the hospital who was brutally murdered there.

On November 30, 1983 nurse Diana Lopez Lewis was attending to a patient in the intensive care unit. Ms. Lewis had taken a brief break and was outside of her patient’s room. According to published accounts, her estranged boyfriend, disgruntled because she had broken up with him, entered the hospital and fired three shots into her body – killing her instantly. The nurse that I interviewed was a witness to the murder and is the same who STILL sees Ms. Lewis’ apparition at the hospital. In every instance the back of a nurse is seen walking down the hallway and then simply dissipating into thin air.

As a post script to this story I was told at the time of Ms. Lewis’ death she was the mother of four year old twin boys. When one of her boy’s was 20 years old he went to work at the hospital. It is alleged that he also had experiences seeing his mother that caused him to take his own life a few weeks later. Finally the remaining twin son died a few months in an accident shortly after his brother’s suicide. May they all rest in peace.
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