Enterprise, Alabama

by ParaDaughter
(Enterprise AL)

Today I had an experience, like others in my life involving the paranormal that I cannot explain.

Earlier today I ran an errand and got into a brief conversation with the store clerk concerning (her) early Coffee County genealogy. I left the sore offering to do some research for her. When I returned home I went straight to my desk with the intent of exploring some on line cemetery records of the clerk's surname.

I had no soon opened the browser of cemetery records when I clearly the reflection in my PC monitor of a man walk behind me. (There is a sold walnut paneling on the wall).

I saw him as clearly as if he were in life form. In those few seconds I could see he was a younger man - perhaps late teens or early 20's. He was lean with his hands in his pockets, shoulders rolled slightly forward and head slightly down. He walked at a normal pace. When I lost sight of him in the monitor reflection I spun around in my chair and he was gone.

Welcome to Haunted Alabama!

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