Enterprise Alabama: The 1880's Music Box

by ParaDaughter
(Enterprise AL)

Haunted? Music Box

Haunted? Music Box

I inherited a very old music box. My mother inherited it from her grandfather who was born in 1867 so I know it has been in our family for a long time. It is not particularly fragile but it has seen better days; it was badly repaired in the past. When my mother passed it to me she told me that in her lifetime it never worked despite her bringing it to someone who tried to make it play and only managed to use awful wood putty to repair it's hinges. It lives in my living room on a book shelf. I have placed my grandmother's glasses, my great great grandfather's glasses and glass globe that belonged to my (deceased father).

My mother had been passed only one year when the word came from my niece that I needed to come and visit my sister whose health was suddenly failing. With a heavy heart I moved slowly through my bedroom collecting items for my suitcase. I was thinking about my mother and my sister and loss of her that was looming. Suddenly I began to hear the soft ping of what I can describe would be the sound the THE music box - IF it were functional.

Straining my ears I followed the sound out of my bedroom down the stairs toward the living room where the music box was. By the time I got the bottom of the stairs I could clearly hear the ping sounds slowly playing of the traditional "Happy Birthday" melody. As I entered the room the room was quiet. Naturally I went over to the music box, picked it up gently moved it back and forth to see if SOMEHOW it had been engaged. Nothing. The following day I took the out of state drive to visit with my sister. Sadly my sister passed away 9 days later - on our mother's BIRTHDAY.

I can't explain this but feel it was my mother sending me the message.
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