employee of goodwill in Bakersfield, Ca.

by Melissa Calvillo

I was cleaning the restrooms which is part of my job when I heard the restroom doors opening by it self. I ignore it and I saw through the corner of my eye a dark shadow about four feet tall zoom by me into the stall. I turned and looked into the stall expecting to see someone and there was nothing there. A few days later, I was in the men's restroom cleaning and again heard the stall door slightly open and I tried to ignore the sound and continued to wash the sink when all of a sudden a little boy appeared next to me rather quickly and he said in a rather high child like voice "Hi" and smiled at me and I was startled and said to him that he scared me because I didn't know anyone was in there. I turned away and continued cleaning and when I looked back to see if he was still there, he had vanished. When I went into the store to look for him, he was no where to found. One of my co-workers seen that I was noticeably shakened asked me what was the matter, I explained I had encountered a little boy in the bathroom and asked her if she had seen him. She said no. I saw that little boy as if he was really there dressed in a heavy jacket and snow boots with dark long hair and dark eyes. I didn't find it odd until I thought about it afterwards but it was rather warm outside. I believe now it must have been a ghost. I often still hear those stall door swing back and forth by themselves. I don't feel scared, just alittle sad for the little boy who just wanted to say hello.

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