Elongated orbs

I'm Judi Purcell and I live in Pampa, Texas.

Recently, we installed a security camera in the back of the house. Not long after, I saw several elongated orbs on the monitor. It happened on a night when a football was going on at a near-by high school. I could hear the band playing clearly. Well, when the music was playing these orbs would dance and stop when the music stopped. They looked like pairs of orbs close together all moving exactly the same. They were over lapped like blurred vision.

Also we live very near a cemetery. Several days ago, I saw single round orb traveling left to right and moving like a roller coaster.

I never thought anyone would be interested in the dancing orbs, and so I deleted them to make space But should I see them again, maybe I can figure out some way to copy them and send them to you.

If these are ghosts they sure are happy, or maybe they are a ghost band.

I have actually seen a ghost, but it looked like a real person. It was at work where many sightings have taken place over the years. Now that would be a good place to investigate. It was at the American Indian Center, in Euless, Texas which is near Fort Worth. It is a rehab now but used to be a hospital.

Thanks for letting me share....

Judi Purcell

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