Elm street elementary school and surrounding areas.

by Moi
(Los Angeles CA)

My mom at the time was about 15 yrs old (1945)was baby sitting 2 boys ages, 3 and 4. She cut across the elementary school play ground to get to Elm street by the charrito candy store. She said it was November around 3pm when nights get darker earlier.She held one child in her arms the other by his hand, she was very creeped out had a feeling she was being followed.The little boy that was walking kept looking behind him and slowing her down she said his eyes were huge as he looked behind more and more.She said she kept hearing some kind of flapping behind her, like a sheet hanging on the clothes line in the wind.When she looked down at the little boy to ask whats wrong. Even tho she was terrified to look back out of the corner of her eye she saw a feetless floating nun! It was the habit that was flapping in the wind she grabbed the boy by the waist and ran all the way to Elm street horrified.She said she did not have the courage to look up and see the rest of the creepy nun.When the candy store owner saw her my mom was pale and weak and couldnt talk.Some men went up there to check but found NOTHING.I went to that elementary and it was a very scary place to be, hahaha.

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