Ellensburg, Washington

My brother and sister in law got married at the Olmsted state park. It was a beautiful place during the day time, a perfect scene for a wedding. As part of the bridal party we got ready in the home that is on the lot. It hasn't been lived in since 1987 when the last sister die. While getting ready I had An Erie feeling of being watched but nothing to bad. Everything was fine and I went about my business. Going into the house at night was a different story. My newly sister law and had to go.into.the house to look for thing we might have left from earlier. Already being crawled out and going into a building without electricity was bad enough. When we got into the room in which we got ready we aging the light on a dress that was hanging And it was appearing to dance on its own. Not a single breeze a wind open nothing. Scary stuff man.

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