by angel

Well I am 16 and my dad had me go sleep over at his dads friend house. I told him that it was haunted but he didnt believe me. He dosen't believe in ghosts and I never did until I went to Pat's house - that's his friends name. One night I went to sleep and I woke up at 2:00 am. I felt something grab my ankle and when I opened my eyes there was a figure standing over me. The air was very cold so I got up as fast as I could to turn on the light. I was sitting up in bed and there were growling sounds outside of my room and it made me feel light headed and sick to my stomach. I dont know why Pat couldn't hear the noises. There was another night when I woke up and I went to turn on the light and there was a black mist down by the door, I tured on the light and it disappeared and I never could go back because I am frighted of that house and it's very creepy looken to and I told my parents about it and they just laughed about it.

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