Eastside Baptist Church, Marietta, OK

A deacon in the church claimed to have caught the daughters of a former pastor using a Ouija board in the children's wing. Strange occurrences often happened in the children's wing after this. Televisions would turn on and off by themselves, even after being unplugged. The last room on the right side of the hall always stayed chilly no matter what the thermostat was set to. The first/second grade classroom would suddenly become too warm for comfort, and often times a man's voice was heard when this would happen. If the door leading into the wing was closed, shadows seemed to move from room to room. Several people reported hearing someone whispering in their ear.

Behind the baptistry is a long hallway. In the middle of the wall there used to be an opening used for storage. Things would often go missing from this storage area. A few times missing objects were found in the children's wing, but most things were left unaccounted for. It was decided that a door with a lock should be fitted to the opening to prevent more things from disappearing. While cleaning out the storage area, a Ouija board was found with the initials "K.E." & "D.E." carved into it. These were the initials of the former pastor's daughters.
People often tripped in front of the door to the storage area while walking down the hallway. Once, a young man broke his leg when he tripped in front of the door. He claimed that he was being chased down the hallway and that he heard a man's voice as he lay there. The woman who found him swore that someone had whispered into her ear that he was injured, and that's how she knew to find him. They were the only people in the church at the time.

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