East Wenatchee Fred Meyer

by Sarah
(East Wenatchee, WA)

There are a few of us that work graveyards and we have seen/ heard interesting things during our shift. There is an area for the indoor garden stuff like bird seed and other things. As I was pricing items I saw a black mass in front of my price change cart and it was moving upward as if it were kneeling behind my cart. Needless to say I ran out and didn't go back into that room until after 5AM. I can feel someone directly behind me when I'm 100% sure that I am alone in that room. Another coworker was on his knees putting product away and he saw something run by him. He only saw the legs.. no body. Went to check and there was no one there. This was in the same room.
Another coworker has seen "them" standing on riser shelves in the furniture department just watching her/us work. you could see something move in the corner of your eye, and when you turn to it there is nothing there. Bird seed has been seen falling off the shelves along with other items. It used to be a hotel called the 4 seasons before they made it as Fred Meyer. I can't find what it was before the hotel though..

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