Dunwody Insame Asylum

by Shaun
(Duluth, GA)

I used to go to this place all the time when it was still around and i assure it was creepy as can be. I love the adrenaline and i love the history and yes those morgue trays are creepy...especially when you are in one yourself and the thing locks on you ;)

But i just wanted to share that this place is no longer in existence, it was torn down a couple years ago and has either a child care or some sort of playground on it i belive. But dont waste your time trying to find it because the only way to get to it even when it was around was to park in the nursing home parking lot and walk down to it and the easiest place to get it was through the all steel kitchen.

But the nurses at the nursing home there will call the police...we may have ruined that for everyone else lol. Thanks!

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