Dorchester Massachusetts

by Kareem Phifer
(New Bedford Massachusetts )

My ghost starts at my grandparent house in Dorchester  Massachusetts be for they own the house, it  was own by a old man that he build for his family in the late 1920s. The story go's the old man died there, right there inside the house on the third flood. But from what I don't know. After he die my grandparent brought the house from his wife.

My grandfather call him old man Joyce he told us silly story about him if we do something bad he would said old man Joyce gonna get you. I remember one day I was in the house by myself my grandmother was at work and my grandfather was in the backyard cutting grass I remember i was in their bedroom watching cartoons I keep hearing like the sound of foot step in the hallway so I turn and look but nobody was there so I keep on watching tv then I heard it again but this time they was going up and down the stairs I guess you can I was scared but I really didn't thank anything of it cause grandma use to tell us it a old house so your hear funny noices. Soon after the phone start to ring it was for grandpa I went down stairs to get him the i went to back door to get him but the door was lock the top lock was lock and I couldn't reach it. At that time I will never forget I step back from the door and turn my heard I could not believe
what I saw, it was a old man in a long red robe he was just walking towards me I was yelling and scramming i was scared out of my mind as he was getting closer just before he reach out to touch me my grandfather open the door and had ask me what's wrong with you, old man Joyce was gone. All I can said was the phone for you and i was only yelling cause I couldn't unlock top lock so I was hopping u hear me

Thats not the only paranormal story about that house my uncle stayed with us just before he pass after he died my mother would see him in the livingroom some night my grandpa would wake up in the middle of the night he will see  just his my uncle his brother face in the window.

The third flood have some activity as well. Remember in the begging of the story I talk about old man Joyce died up there. You will fell like someone is just watching you, once i fell like someone or something was pushing down on my chest and i couldn't move i was pretty shacking up when i can move i run down stairs to my grandmother and to my sister i told them what happened still she did not believe me.  My sister was sleeping in the bed in the bed just started shaking. Everyone has tell my grandma about their paranormal  event but she was so disbelief it all. If you ask me I think she had seen something or heard something.

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