do you wanna play?

by Elizabeth
(knoxville, tn)

Hi. My name is Elizabeth, and I'm 14. About three years ago, I lived in a house with only my mom,my brother and I. Plus one cat. Anyways.... I was downstairs on a game called "IMVU" and all of a sudden I hear a low, Child's voice whisper "Elizabeth?". I assumed it was my mom so I said "yes mom?" Nothing....."hellooo?" Still nothing. "mom?". I gave up, I said "it IS 2:00 a.m., I'm just tired." And I slept with my mom at the time because everytime i went into what was supposed to be my room, I get The feeling that I need to run. So I looked above the stairs, in front of what was supposed to be my room, then i saw her. A little girl, with brown, braided pigtails,tied at the ends with blue checkered ribbons. A blue checkered dress, with an apron thing tied around her waist. Here is the scary part. Ok so you know how babies carry there stuffed animals around, you know they drag it across the floor? Yeah? Ok, well she was holding her stuffed bunny like that. But it was white. And it had blood on it. And so did her apron thing. We told our neighbors. Turns out, when that house was first built, the house had an attic. Turns out the little girl was murdered there. In the attic. And a few days later my mom saw her in the same place I did. And one time I was cleaning marker off the office room wall, and I saw splatters on the wall, they would would not come out I believe it was blood.

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Jan 27, 2017
Kreepy NEW
by: Sierra

That's just weird. I would have begged my parents to move.

Apr 29, 2015
Be careful NEW
by: Creolehunter

Considering this is a serious story i would also advise you to not attempt to communicate w/this on your own.....reach out to a paranormal group in your area and they should be able to also get your family in touch w/ the right help to move this spirit on. Remember do not communicate with this, often times what you see is not what you get. Trust your instinct you get the feeling you need to run for a reason. good luck to you and the family

Feb 11, 2015
be aware NEW
by: Anonymous

you have a ghost, but beware because ghosts can take many forms. the splatter on the wall could be anything but unless it is tested by a forensic person it is nothing. usually bleach will clean up blood and yes it works good so try bleach mixed with water and see if it removes it. if she is trying to contact you I would bring in a medium and move her on before things get worse. I have been living with ghost for a very long time and I believe that some of them are living people so to speak and I do see them from time to time but just a couple of seconds at a time.

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