Did we leave somebody behind?

by Danielle

Well, I have experienced a lot of paranormal activity in my Auntie's house.

My auntie is a single parent and just lives with her son, Tom, and her dog, Sue. I am going to share one of my most remembered experience.
Me, my auntie & her son went downtown for the day, we locked the back door, we locked the dog in the kitchen & we shut the living room door, also, we locked the front door. My auntie is like a cleaning freak, so before we left the house she left everything spotless, the ash tray was on the back of the window sill.
When we arrived back at her house, we unlocked the front door, and noticed that the living room door was open, wide open. But, the kitchen door was still shut & still locked, when we opened the kitchen door the back door to the garden was unlocked & wide open, strange.
My auntie then went into the living room and shouted "SUE! what have you done this for?",
I replied "what has she done?"
Then she told me that the ash tray was tipped all over the sofa and living room floor, I then thought and said to her, "how could it of been the dog when the kitchen door was locked and the living door was shut when we left.
We then looked at each other and shot upstairs thinking somebody had got in and was trying to pull a prank, yet, my auntie has never given out a spare key. We all looked, but found nothing, nothing at all.

So that was one of my experiences, freaky, but highly amazing and cool!

I am actually going to put up a picture my auntie and I took from the sofa, it's a hand print.
Like i said, my auntie is a cleaning freak, so she cleaned her sofa before work, when she left for work me and tom left at the same time to go out. When we all got back we noticed a strange looking hand print on the sofa, all the finger marks were printed onto the sofa, so analyse it, and enjoy it, because this hand print, isn't like ours, at all.

Hopefully the picture has came up, if not i'm sorry, it seems to not be working, I have tried a lot.

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