Demonic house in hell...I mean Ohio. Same thing.

Shortly after my oldest son was born (he was born three and a half months early) we moved into a the bottom floor of a three story house turned into apartments at the edge of Shaker Hights. I haven't been scared of the dark since I was five and I'm polish, we don't run unless guys speaking German show up lol. No really, I have sargeants that can testify to that. But the stairs to the basement where the laundry was, the light bulbs would never last a full day and I would get so creeped out that I could almost never walk them. I ran them. Even my terrier wouldn't go near them and that old dog wasn't afraid of anything. Well after a few weeks my ex wife and I came back from grocery shopping and laid our son down. At that point he slept 13 hours a night and took three two hour naps a day. After I put the frozen goods away I left the rest on the counter to sit down for a few. There was a row of soup cans against the back splash with a plastic bag in front of them and a spoon or fork for some reason (you'd have to ask my ex psycho). Well as we watching some tv we heard a baby crying and it wasn't my son. It was the wrong pitch, and it was to loud to be from his room and we didn't hear it on the monitor. And there were no other babies in the building and the

people up stairs were gone for the weekend anyways. So we went to check on my son. Well he was sound asleep. But while we were in his room right next to the kitchen we heard something slam down on the floor. I ran into the kitchen and there was one if the soup cans from the middle if the row that had to have gone over the plastic bag and a piece of silverware to fall on the ground.

Well I was working nights and I would put the dogs in their kennels and give my ex wife and my son a kiss goodnight before I left for work. But a couple nights a week, as I would give my son a kiss goodnight the the older terrier would be trying to tear out of her kennel to get after something and shepherd lab mix would be in the back of the kennel peeing himself he was so scared.

And there weeks where two or three times a day I would see a black shadow version of my terrier walking around the house, even in broad daylight, in full view and she would be asleep at my side and the shepherd mix would always be standing guard at my sons crib or his swing, where ever my son happened to be.

The worst it got was shortly before we moved out i actually saw a mist in a shape I had had a nightmare about as a kid. In fact it was the most vivid dream I had as a kid.

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May 14, 2014
Glad to hear . . . NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm very glad to hear that you and your little family left that house for good. It is said, and I believe this after my own experience years ago, that dark shadow people literally suck the life out of children, babies and the elderly. These spirits are definitely evil.

From the time that my son was eight years old and we moved into a house that was haunted in Mankato, MN, my son began having intense asthma attacks. Numerous times I'd had to rush him to the local hospital for adrenalin injections or he would have died. He'd never had an attack before we moved into that house, nor did he have hardly any attacks after we moved out.

My son had a dark shadow man that would come out of his closet at night. Knowing nothing about dark or any other spirits back then, I jokingly referred to this entity as "the boogeyman". Believe me, I no longer joke about it at all. My son is now 45 and if I ask him, will still describe the entity. Just the thought of what we were unknowingly trying to deal with sends cold chills up my spine. We definitely need to listen to our children as well as our pets. Cats and dogs will tell us before there is any other sign, that something evil resides with us.

God bless and keep you always safe from harm,

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