Demon or ghost

by Cinthya

For a long time i was living in my aunt's in orem in some really old apartments. My aunt said that sometimes she would wake up and hear people talking in the living room.I then got really superstitions about the place.It was about 1:00 and i was all alone in the apartment my mom was working and so was my aunt.I was reading a book in the couch when suddently in my ear i hear somebody breathing in my ear really loud all the windows wear closed and so was the door.I got so scared that i whent outside and staid there untill my mom came back.That same night i was slepping and i woke up at 3:00 sharp my aunt had gone to bed and evrything was shut no windows wear open nothing.When i was awake suddently the strange brething came back and then my bedroom door (that open at he time)closed it was so loud that it woke everyone up. When they all went back to sleep i went to go check it out. suddently i could hear and felt the breathing again in the back of me when i turned aroud there was the shadow of a tall man standing i was so scared that i screamed at the top of my lugs when my mom came in the shadow was gone when i told my mom whe moved.

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