defuniak spings haunted land

by Dawn
(Defuniak spring's FL.)

I'v been living here for 10yr's and i know somthing is wrong with this land. I was here about 1yr and all of a sudden i was being woken up by knocking on my windows and door's. This alway's seemed to happen after my son and my husband would go to work and school. I thought it might be kids playing a trick or something so i would wait by the door in the morning and when i would here the knocking i would open the door real fast and no one would be there!This started happening almost every day and my son and husband thought i was crazy till one night my so came running in my room tell me that somone was knocking on the front door and he went to answer it and no one was there. Then a few days later me and my husband were in bed and my husband heard a loud knock on or back door which is right out side our bed room door and he grabed his gun and stood out side the door and waited to here it again. And it did, he opened the door real fast and nothing was there .All i could say was see finally you heard it .this went on for around 16 month's finally i had it happen 4 or 5 times in one moring by my self and i sat up in bed and yelled at the top of my lung's leave me alone!! And now it's been 3yr's and we only hear it from time to time. This is only one of my story's my son hears what sound's like 2 or 3 little girl's talking in a distance and as he listen's out his bed room window they sound as if they are getting closer.Isee and hear thing's all the time black shadow's , people talking and just a week ago i woke up suddenly out of my sleep as if someone yelled at me and felt i had to turn my head and look toward my husband and i saw a shadow of a man sitting on the foot of the bed. Iknow i should have been scared to death but i was just frozen, when i looked away for a second it was gone. I personly think there's somthing up with me, thing's seem to be drawn to me .There's alote more but it would take me awhile to write and i don't want to over load anyone. Thank's Dawn from defunaik spring's fl.

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