Deer park flat hauntings in stannington

by Shaun

It was january 27 2011 and i was in my bedroom playing on the xbox when my bedroom went really cold. i went to turn the radiator up when the bedroom door slammed shut. I run towards the door and when i went to reach for the door handle something hit the door as if someone punched it.

I quickly grabbed the door handle and ran downstairs just as my parentz were coming upstairs to see what had happened.

I told my mum everything that happened and she's in touch with a priest and asked him to bless the house.

Its been near enough two months and nothing like that has happened again so far, though my bedroom still does go really cold all of a sudden now and again.

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Apr 23, 2022
Dark shadow in house rivelin Park Road
by: Lord David stones

To let you know there is dark spirit
Going on because me and my dad seen them in our house some time in the daytime but more at night time there was one time in the morning we was inside the kitchen having a hot drink and we was talking and the same time there was a dark shadow walk across the room then stop me and dad we seen it then we said to each other can you see that then it quickly run through the the wall. And then other one was at night when I was talking a shower the bathroom light keeps on flashing and the door open then i seen a dark entity in front of me it was very tall
Sanding there looking at me then it quickly moved to me and it vanished at the same time the bathroom went very cold and I couldn't move. 2022

Sep 05, 2021
43 deer Park View flat
by: Lord David stones

Hi there i use to live in deer Park View flat and my place is Haunted because all the time at 12pm my kitchen light come on and my kettle turn on and then the light turns off and the door closed and at 3am when i am on my bed sleeping I get touched on my legs and it slowly move up I use to get up and look around but one night it did it again but I did not get up
It got angry it pulled my legs open
And it pined me down it staring haveing sex with me it was getting more often so I started walking around outside one night I tell it to get out of my flat now it pull me down and beat me on my bot and at the bottom of my legs so I moved out

May 12, 2011
by: richard hoare

nice story you were right to get the house blessed it sounds like it helped a lot i am into ghost ouji board seances etc you should try it its very cool

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