Deb in Fort Collins

by Deb Y
(Fort Collins, CO USA)

Actually there are quite a few haunted homes in Fort Collins. The Avery House is one of many....but it's the one I can tell the public about and they can visit for themselves.

The Avery House is located on Mountain Ave and is on the historical society list. I went there and took the tour....from the moment I entered the house, I could feel the spirit activity there. I could smell pipe smoke....nobody was smoking a pipe. This home is so active that a person can feel how "crowded" some areas are....even when there are no "physical" persons in the room. Upstairs is a room where you can sense the presence of a small boy who is very sad. This home was once a private residence and the story goes that this small boy could be heard crying at night and he would take and move the owners possessions....The kitchen area is quite active in that you can smell food when no food is being cooked. You can sense a heavy presence in the though the ladies of the house just don't want you in there.

Another place to visit is the Cafe Vino building. I used to work in the building when it was a hotel. I cleaned the rooms there.....and almost every time I finished a room, ANY ROOM, the toilet would flush. When I would go back to the room to check that the toilet wasn't "running", the curtains would be open.....I ALWAYS closed them when I was done with the room. Once I returned to a room to find the curtains open AND the bed was disturbed when I had just made that bed! And the basement was an area I refused to go. Whatever is down there is not friendly. What's upstairs seems more like a spirit who just wants to play...ENJOY!!!!

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