Darlene florida sanford

by Darlene Barnett
(sanford florida)

Well this happened to me when I was 11 and to this day I am still looking for "it". I had fallen asleep in front of my fireplace with my aunt, ya know talking and stuff. I was awoken, didn't know what time it was... but, when I awoke there in front of the fireplace was a figure of no distinction, all grey black. But I could tell it had very long hair. The spirit turned towards fireplace and I know this sounds strange but I swear it picked up the fireplace holder (the metal thing) and raised it over my head... as thought it was going to hurt me. I screamed... When I did the figure backed into the fire place and disapeared. The funny thing about it was I remember my uncle turning on the hallway light when I screamed and asked what happened. Well the funny thing is that he was wearing a robe, one I had never seen before. Anyway, he told me I had been dreaming and it didnt happen. Well I asked my Aunt where my Uncle got that robe and she said he didnt have one like that! Two days later he received it for christmas... Remember, I had never seen it before. Now come to find out my stepmother - who had disowned her own mother for telling her I was not her real grandaughter - she never spoke to her mother again. My stepmother died on the night that I had that experience and she did have very long hair... But what I felt was very evil; no face, all black and red eyes. That was what I saw and I don't know what it was... If anyone has experienced anything like this and can help me... Please mail me at stnsmistress@yahoo.com

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