dallas texas

Im 21 years old now. I have a few things happen when i was younger where i actually saw stuff but now i havent seen anything in years. The last time i saw anything i was 13. I lived with my mom and 3 sisters plus 2 of their husbands and each of the two married had a child yes it was packed in my house! One morning while everyone was working me my mom niece and nephew were getting ready to leave, my mom had taken my niece to the car and me and my nephew were about to go outside until we both saw a tall shadow of a man, he had no body by that i mean he was on the wall so i just thought someone was outside since we had the door open and the shadow was right on the wall infront of the door. My nephew was small he had JUST learned to walk and didnt know how to talk well, as soon as we saw this man he started walking into the hallway (still on the wall) while my nephew started running trying to follow it saying ma ma i was looking outside trying to realize what was going on, when it hit me that my newphew was following it i ran after him but the shawdow had gone into my sisters room his mom. My nephew walked in then started screaming and crying and ran back out past me so i ran to the room and didnt see anything so i dont know what he saw. Im 21 now and hes 10 i asked him not long ago if he remembers what he saw and he said no i really wanted to know but oh well....

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