dad never left family

by eddie

Iremember when my dad died,we had a fight the night before.

Iremember praying that he would die,and leave us in peace.
the next day my mom told me to go and appoligize to him.

Iswore i never will till he does so first.
when i went to school that day the police came to the school,and
told me my dad died.

He was found dead in his chair,he didn't live with us.
I didn't show no remorse.

Two days later my mom and i were playing cards in the kitchen,
and to my knowledge all the cards were there.

Istarted talking about my dadto my mom,and i felt a cold chill.
Iasked my mom if she wanted toast,and as i picked up the toaster three cards were under it.

Two days later my mom went out,and i invited a couple of friends,
and i decided to try a sceance for fun.

that night the sleep over was interupted while doing the sceance,
the closed window flew open,and my door slammed shut.

At the same time my lights were going on and off,
then we saw my dad standing in the door way.

I swore never to play with things i knew nothing about,
and i found out my dad never left me.

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