Cultus Ontario Canada

by KIm
(Delhi Ontario)

My, ex boyfriend's parents lived in Cultus Ontario. It was a small closely knit town where everyone knew everyone and even where the corner store clerk/owner would even keep a tab on the cash register for groceries. The farm where they lived was about four acres with a horse barn and an older red brick house. I was in the kitchen with my ex's three sisters at the time cleaning up the dining room table where we had a wonerful Thanksgiving feast. We then entered the kitchen area and were all standing in the same area doing dishes. This was the first Thanksgiving that their grandmother was not in attendance due to her death about four months prior to the occasion. No one in the kitchen had made a sound when we all heard the same voice. There used to be a basement door which lead down to an old fruit cellar which is where the voice origionated. The voice was very soft spoken and very comfotring. We had heard the disembodied voice say, " Hello Girls ", and at this exact moment we all looked at eachother and asked if anyone of us had made the voice and we had tried to debunk it as someone playing a prank, but the voice was strikeingly similar to their Grandmother's voice and no one could even come close to the voice. We even went down to the old fruit cellar where there was no one there. Maybe she hadn't missed This Tanksgiving after all, however we were all happy to know that she may have been there in spirit.

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