Crybaby Bridge in Ripley, OK

by Jesabelle

Well its really quite simpy. Its the same old Crybaby story you've been hearing for years but this one is quite real, for me anyways. I was putting flowers out on my mothers grave a couple years ago. I left and decided to take a different route home. I drove a few miles out and found a dead end road with a weird light from a distance. I had the windows down and suddenly felt a very cold sensation. That was weird enough because it was 80 degrees outside. So I hurried out of there because i was alone. Well later i went back with a friend who had heard and the stories of Crybaby Bridge. We parked 50 ft away from the bridge and walked there. He put a Babyruth candy bar on the side of the bridge and said wait and listen. Not even 5 seconds later we could hear the sounds of a baby crying out, it was clear as day! You cant see a car or carseat or anything but you can definitely hear it. He said it wont work without a Babyruth candy bar because that's what the mother was feeding the baby before they crashed.

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