Cross Village, Michigan- haunted place next to crows nest

by Nicholas Napont

The story of this house has no history of this place. It was a regular home but later got severly damaged. The reports are people seeing faces coming out of the wall, strange apparitions of a little girl in the field next to the place, and orbs seen by the human eye. There are also cold spots being felt when it is hot out. Report from person writing this story - "I was riding my bike with my cousin when we went to look at the haunted house. When I touched it, a transparent hand came out and grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. My cousin also had his hair pulled by a hand too. Then two figures came up and said "leave now!".

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Mar 14, 2013
I wouldn't dare go near that house!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have heard so many stories of that house; I get the chills just driving by it. One story that I heard that was particularly chilling happened when no one was occupying the house any more. Although the movies have over used this plot, some out-of-town folks needed directions and pulled into the driveway. They noticed some lights on in the house when the got out of the car, but when the got on the porch, the light wasn't on. They could hear someone (or something) walking around in the house so they knocked. No one came to the door. They tried to peer through the window but couldn't see anyone. Since no one answered, they went to the next house down the road. When they told them that they had stopped there at that house because they had seen a light on, but 'they turned off their light and wouldn't come to the door'. To which the neighbors replied, 'No one has lived in that house for years.'

That is just one story of many about that house.

Oct 20, 2012
Lack of information but tells a good story. NEW
by: Anonymous

You are wrong about it having history. This house was built by a man who made it for his wife. Then it was turned into a nursing home, then it later became a home for a large native families. I know this information because my family grew up in that house.

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