Crescenta Valley High School

by Anonymous

There have been many stories about Crescenta Valley High School, but one of the most common is the weird happenings that occur on the third floor of the 2000 building. This floor can only be entered through the two door on either side of the hall. At 4:00 pm the doors are locked. Leaving this building at 4 means not being able to return. While working, the janitors leave their carts out in the hall to be able to clean the rooms. This area isn't on a steep. It's a flat surface. However, when the janitors return to the hall to their carts, the carts mysteriously end up on the opposite side of the hallway. Also, some have reported hearing laughter out in the hallway which couldn't possibly be made by an person because as afore mentioned the doors lock at 4:00 and if you leave you can't get back into that floor. Plus, there's no place to hide anyways because all the teachers leave by 4:00 because of this inconvenience, and the hall is left completely empty. There is one other story I have heard about this hallway. Some have seen lockers ( that have locks on them) open.

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