Crescenta Valley High School, La Crescenta CA

by Bryan
(la Crescenta Ca)

this is a picture of the quad on the right is the main building the 1000 build and to the left is the 2000 building

this is a picture of the quad on the right is the main building the 1000 build and to the left is the 2000 building

A few years back, there were times where i was walking home late at night from a friends house and i would use Crescenta valley high as a short cut rather then go around it, i was very familiar with the school since i went to school there. while walking through the school after midnight i would hear weird sounds which sounded like it was coming from the 2000 building ( i also found an article on this web site involving the same build) on the north west side of the campus. what i would hear was what sounded like a bag of glass bottles being shaken continuously, it would stop from time to time but then just continue again. Other times i would hear jingling keys coming from the same direction, both times i figured it was the janitor and went on my way not thinking to much of it. Time and time again i would use the school as a short cut to get home and some time i would hear the sounds and there was times where i didn't hear anything at all. after a dozen times i got curious and decided to see what i have been hearing. One night i could hear the bottles again so i walked to the first floor doors by the vending machines, when i approached the door the sound of the bottles sounded as if it was deep in the building, echoing through the halls, i looked inside and i didn't see anything out of the ordinary but the noise stopped. i kept looking through the window and all i could see was the vending machines and dark hallway i waited for the sound to start up again but nothing, by this time i was creeped out and i decided to leave and just head home. I walked across the quad and down the stairs and i ended up by the swimming pool and the chorus rooms when i heard the keys and it sound like it was coming from the quad behind me but i didn't stop walking i kept going and by the time i reached the gate the sound was coming from the stairs where i just came from, the air got cold followed by chills and goose bumps so i just jumped the fence and went home. i have been back there recently and since then there was an incident involving a student and a lot of negative energy from it which could mean that there probably more going on there then before.

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Oct 31, 2014
The student NEW
by: Anonymous

They committed suicide, by jumping off the 2000 building. It was a hard time for everyone at the school. I personally witnessed it, and it has forever changed me

Sep 23, 2014
Give us more details on your follow up visit please NEW
by: Logan

Hey I really did like your story but honestly can u give us more details, pictures, videos or anything about that follow up because I would really like to know what happened with that student

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