Creepy Noise

by abby recs
(cebu city phils)

This story happened to years ago when we were packing up for going to my aunt's old house.
when we got there i played with my cousins and slept after dinner. suddenly i was awoken by
a sound that was creeping me out and when i checked the phone its still 3am. It sounds like
someone's whispering on my ear but i cant i just ignored it but when the noise was
getting louder and louder i decided to tell my mom and wake her up but the sound suddenly stopped when i woke her up and my mom was asking why i was awake and i have no idea what was
I gonna say cause the noise was gone so i just told her that i was scared and she said go back
to sleep. But the noise still continued i just prayed and prayed cause i was so scared already
and woke my mom again and told her can we go to church we use to call it Simbang Gabi (a filipino tradition) but she said no she's still sleepy.So i have no choice at all.suddenly i saw a lady in white passing by the window and i was so so scared already and woke my mom again and now she told me thats what you get for always watching ghost movies and i told her no and she said go back to sleep At morning i told my aunt about it and she said why would that happen
and told same answer my mom answered.My mom told me we were gonna sleep there again and i said NO WAY theres no way im sleeping there again.............

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