Creepy in Crafton, PA

by Raegen and John
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I moved into my apartment in the city of Pittsburgh in November of 2010. About a month after I moved in "someone" was on the outside of my backdoor fighting to open it when I was closing it from the inside. They pulled against me 3-4 times.

THEN - last night my boyfriend and I were in my livingroom with the TV off just talking when we heard a distinct growl in my living room. I imediately looked for my two cats and they were asleep in the other room. We BOTH heard it. I said, "If one of my neighbors has a wild cat, I'm calling the cops!" He said, "Raegen, that was in your dining room." I said, "I know."

My apartment building was built in 1902. My landlord bought it in 1995 and it took about 5 years to turn it from a 4 bedroom house into a building with four apartments. I called my neighbor and she said that is super creepy. She knows how to get into the attic of my building so we are going exploring after I get home from work.

I read on some other sites that hearing a growl is not such a good thing. It mentioned the possibility of demons being present.

Just call me Nancy Drew...

Advice from anyone??

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