Crawfordsville, Indiana

by Shelbi Bennington
(Crawfordsville, Indiana)

The Culver Union Hospital in Crawfordsville Indiana happens to be very haunted in my opinon. it was built in 1902 and was closed down in 1980s. i had one awesome expirence. i was with 6 people including myself, 3 guys and 3 girls. well we have to climb through a window and we were walking through when all of a sudden, we heard a metal pipe fall, then following a little girl screaming. at the time the 3 girls and the 3 guys were separated. when we heard the scream, we ran back to the guys and they heard the same scream but they thought it was us, and at first we thought it was them, but we came to terms that it was none of us and we got out of the hospital all scared. Now the hospital is all boarded up and no one can get in and the spirits cant get out!!!

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Oct 30, 2013
creepy NEW
by: Anonymous

About 2 years ago I was visiting my grandma who had just moved there so if course I had to drive around and look at the town. I came across this building and had no idea what it was but something drew me toward it. I took a ton of pictures. I came back home and still thought about the place so I started looking at the pictures. Almost half the pictures did not come out right! Very creepy place.

Feb 20, 2013
old culvert hospital NEW
by: Anonymous

i was going to probation and was sitting in the car and seen a guy laying in a bed an looking at me and he turned to the door as if someone had come in to take care of him then he acted as if he were watching tv

Jun 07, 2012
ghost sighting
by: Anonymous

at this moment i am working at the old hospital and my brother also took pics and same thing happened

May 31, 2012
old hospital
by: Anonymous

i would agree bout the old hospital i have been i there and i heard footsteps plus i took some pictures and a couple of them had a white mist that went past me and i took another picture and it was gone plus i know people that has pictures and u can see a face

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