Courtney Hinsley,Old house

by Courtney
(222 Walnet street)

Some people think that ghosts are fake,Do you? Well after this you will,This story may be making you cheek your corners in your house,But don't worry,I'm Pretty sure you wont find this very scary reading it,But the experience was to scary for words!

Please read every word,To get the full effect you must believe!

ghost experience, Witch went on for 5 and 1/2 years

It was a night on the date my Grandma died,And when I went to sleep,I heard a tap on my door,I dared not to look,At this time it was really paranormal,I was in shock,I tried to blank it out but the taps got LOUDER,LOUDER and LOUDER,Then I hear a scream,It sounded like my Grandma's scream,I got the urge to get up and go and see,I went into my grandma's old room and the door slammed shut behind me,There was no windows open what so ever,I turned around and by the door was a mirror and I saw her face,Looking right at me,She looked so different,I asked her why she was doing this but she just walked up to me and done a weird face at me,I screamed and ran out of the room and went to stay in my moms room

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