Could these be orbs?

by Cheryl Blevins
(Pell City, Ala. USA)

Orbs or Not

Orbs or Not

I am always hearing faint noises. I have heard my name called in a sweetly whisper 2 different times. My dog seems to stare at things I can't see and at times he will come running, yelping all the way and jump in my lap like something did something to him. My daughters 2 dogs have took off running into my bathroom barking like crazy at seems like nothing but took photo's and had what looked like orbs (not sure that's what they are) (I used no flash in this one photo). There was no water anywhere. I have heard "whew" faintly many many times. I look and see nothing. No one in the house but me. So when I took this pic I wasn't sure what to make of it.

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