corbin, ky

by Amber
(corbin, ky)

This happened when I was about 16, I had stayed with my grandmother for the night. I had always heard her house was haunted, but I never really believed any of the stories due to my mild skepticism. But anyways, on with the story. My grandmother was (and still is) wiccan, but she also does seances with Ouija boards and candles and things of the like. Well my father always told me that her house was haunted by a demon due to her playing with witchcraft. I didn't believe him until I went and stayed the night with her after her dog died. (I have no idea if the dog died of natural causes or if my grandmother killed her) she had called me and asked if I would stay with her for a day or so to make sure she would be alright, so I said yes. I got my parents to drop me off and all the while my instincts were telling me to go back home, by the time I got into the house I felt nauseated and slightly chilled, I still don't know why. It was later on that evening when things started happening, if I remember correctly it was around 6 that evening. It all started with scratching noises on the walls in the living room and in my grandmothers bedroom. After a few minutes it would stop, so I paid it no mind. Well, I was taking some laundry down to the basement and I noticed the scratching sounds had followed me, I was about halfway down the old wooden basement steps and I feltlike something grabbed my foot, it caused me to tumble down the last 7 steps. I just so happened to open my eyes while I tumbled down, I seen a while looking face in between a couple of the steps, it looked as if it was laughing at me. After falling down the steps and gathering the spilled laundry back up, I limped

my way to the washer and loaded. I carefully walked back up the steps and into the living room where I told my grandmother the adventure I went on in the basement. She said for me not to worry that it was Lee and he was a prankste. I just nodded and continued to ignore it. Later on that night I think it was around 11 or. Midnight, I had turned the television off and was trying to go back to sleep, I'm guessing it was Lee who woke me up laughing. Said I started to drift off into sleep, I heard a growl beside my head, I was afraid to turn around and look, but I did. What I seen was so terrifying, yet it amazed me in a way, it looked like an outline of a person, but it was like a skeletal version of a winged person, it had black wings and piercing red looking lights for eyes, I remember his or her or whatever it was, it was smiling. It reached out and slid it's long bony looking hand across my shoulder leaving three long cuts, I knew those to be a mocking of the trinity so I closed my eyes as tightly as I could, but I could still see it with my eyes closed. I was so scared, I had no idea what was going on, I tried yo yell for my grandmother and when I did the demonic looking thing vanished. I could not go back to sleep after that harrowing incident, so I turned on the lights and the television and stayed awake until my grandmother woke up... I hope you all enjoyed my story I'm just glad I for it off my chest me and my grandmother were the only ones that knew of this happening, we finally got the demon out of her house and back where it belongs. I also still have the scars where it cut me, an ugly reminder I suppose...

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