yes do be careful,,children sometimes are demons in child form,,you can comunicate with the lil girl,just the fact you see her,is a plus she wants yu to see her,,make a white circle with salt around you,with two white candles,dragon blood incence,NO OUIJA BOARD,PLS,,if you feel her or see her,,say outloud in a calm voice,,if you see the bright white light,,enter it,it is here for you,,please leave my home,,it usually works,,thats what i say when people call me to rid of their ghosts or entities,sage also works very well,,anyhow good luck

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Apr 06, 2016
Yes! NEW
by: JC

I agree with the previous comment and would also caution you that demons can take any form they choose! One cannot be too careful. Also, with regard to their caution about the OUIJA BOARD: The movie from the 1960s called "The Exorcist" was based on a true story - the difference being that in real life it was a little boy who was victimized, not a little girl. The little boy had a history of playing with a OUIJA BOARD and it was believed by the Catholic Priest (and many others) who tried to exorcise the demon who possessed the boy, that this was how the boy had inadvertently opened a portal and invited in the evil! Also, contributing to the problem was the fact that the boy had no christianity.

Frankly speaking, I would not play around with this "little girl" thing if I were you. I would relocate!

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