(Fairfield County)

I lived in a haunted house when I was five years old till about nine. I had lived there with my two brothers, my sister and my parents. I was talking to my mom recently and we started talking about our experiences there. She told me about a few of her encounters. I guess one day, she was home alone doing laundry when she heard the kitchen sink running. She came upstairs from the basement (where our washer/dryer were) and saw that it was on. She shut if off and went back to doing laundry. A few minutes later she heard water running and once again found the faucet on. On another occasion, my mom had one of her coworkers over. They were sitting in the kitchen when my mom brought up some of the weird things that had happened. I’m going to assume whatever dwelled in that house wanted to make itself known because the kitchen light (which hung down by a chain/wire) starting moving back and forth and in a spinning motion. My mom as well as everyone else had also seen this shadow, who liked to pace back and forth at the top of the second floor staircase. Usually when you were watching TV in the living room, you’d see something out of you peripheral at the top of the landing. Friends and relatives also witnessed it.

My two brothers and I all slept in the same room. My older brother and I had bunk beds and my younger brother had his own next to ours. Sometimes my mom would have to lie in bed with him until he fell asleep. He was about three years old at the time. One night, everyone was passed out except for my mom and me. At some point, one of our toy helicopters starting going off. “Chopper 1, Chopper 1” and making propeller noises. My mom went to take the batteries out and it was empty. This is a 100 percent TRUE STORY.

My sister also had some of her own freaky experiences. Sometimes while lying in bed at night she'd feel someone breathing on her neck. Or the time she had a sleep over with her friends and they said bloody mary in our upstairs bathroom. I remember that specifically. They came running and screaming down the stairs. If you ask any of them to this day, they'll all tell you they saw someone standing behind them. Its been 20 years and I still get chills whenever I think of that house.

Mr. Blue

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