Confirmation of my deceased soulmate.

by Zoi

My Soulmate did not pass away at home, but at the moment of his passing i saw a dark shadow on the side of me, but when i completely turned to look straight at the shadow it was not there.

I was not aware at that time that he had passed away. In the days to follow random unexplained things took place.

I would like to share with you one particular incident that took place in my home, this was the reason for me being able to take a shot with my mobile not a camera of his orb.

I know it was him because he projected his face in the orb. The reason i took these shots around the room, was because something strange was happening.

On this particular night, i came home from work late at night, made myself a cup of coffee and sat down quietly thinking of him. As i looked towards the kitchen, my vision seemed somewhat blurred, when i looked away, my vision was clear.

It did not register to me straight away that something strange was occuring, as all i was thinking at the time, was that i am having some probem with my vision.

I looked towards the kitchen area again and realised that there was nothing wrong with my eyesight because there was a mist in one particular area of the kitchen. This prompted me to take a shot of the mist.

When taking the shot, my mobile went on standby waiting for a next shot, while looking around the room with my mobile, i noticed a lot of static on the screen so i kept taking shots around the room everywhere i saw the static.

When i went into gallery i was overwhelmed with what i saw. I had captured a few shots of what looked like a cloud and the last four shots turned into what you would call an ORB.

In every orb shot there was a face in it. I now believe that orbs do exist and that they can be taken with a mobile phone and no one can tamper with those pictures.........

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