Concord North Carolina Munsen Road

Okay, so about ten or so years ago a old couple lived in the house we own. They both died in the sun room. The female Sandra Miunsen of cancer and the husband of I believe old age In my room, which is the master bed room which they slept in I get cold right near the closet. Sometimes I hear whispers and som ething I lost weeks ago will appear usually on my dresser or bed (where I usually put things). The first time it happened I thought perhaps I had put it there and just over loooked the area. That hadn't been the case. Also at night i will hear fotsteps or doors creek in the sun room in which they died in. It only happens when im alone because when evry one else is there its to loud. My dog cant open door and her paws dont sound like footprints... am I insane or is my house haunted?

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